Taylor Assassins' Guild

Welcome to the Guild

You are a fairly normal student at James E. Taylor High School, Katy, Texas. You have your fair share of hobbies, friends, and sports to keep you busy but your average day, to be honest, is not that interesting.

Then you join the Guild. Every person in the hallway is a potential assassin. That creepy looking guy in the black jeans. That pretty girl who seems to be always smiling. Hands in pockets have suddenly become insidious. A note passed from a friend could be less than innocent. Your food may just be far spicier than you thought. And you?

You stalk your prey, your own hand clutching the hard plastic spoon in your pocket, carefully getting closer and closer…till you can finally take it out and stab your targets back!

The look of surprise, laughter, and finally, disappointment is priceless.


This is a live-action game that is played in sessions lasting from two to ten weeks. As long as a game is on, you're never safe anywhere. Generally paranoid? I'm sure you'll do splendidly.

If you have facebook, do join our group.

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